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For Jim Barrie, brewing is a family tradition that extends back centuries. In the middle of the 19 th century, Jim’s great-great-great grandfather Philip Kling, a cooper by trade, immigrated to the United States from Germany to set up a barrel shop. Upon settling in his new country, he founded Peninsular Brewing In 1863. Phillip’s daughter fell in love with and married a man closely tied to this industry, great-great-grandfather Louis Schimmel. Now Louis was a different type of brewer. He founded Tivoli Brewing in 1897 where his Altes Lager beer became one of the most popular beers in Michigan, most likely due to its “aged-in, sealed-in flavor”! During prohibition, Tivoli operated under ground and ran beers under the table. The Altes Lager brand was one of the few to survive prohibition with Jim’s great grandfather Hugh Martin as Vice President, and it continued to be brewed by various breweries until 1990. For Jim, brewing is more than a business and passion – it’s literally in his DNA.


Jim Barrie

Co-Owner and Head Brewer

The obvious inspiration for our logo, this big fella foolishly decided to go to law school and become a real estate attorney after smashing heads on two national championship Florida Gator football teams. Afterwards, he started on the path toward his dream of opening a lager-focused brewery by transforming into an award-winning professional brewer at First Magnitude Brewing in Gainesville, Florida. Now he has returned to his roots to bring craft lagers to the thirsty beer enthusiasts of Tampa.

Brittney Barrie

Co-Owner and President

Brittney, the head honcho, the brains behind the operation is the one who keeps this place running. Somehow “Dr. B” also has time to be a professor at USF’s Physical Therapy School.  Oh, and did we mention she is an award-winning homebrewer and Recognized Beer Judge under the Beer Judge Certification Program?

JuNbAe Lee

Director of Sales And Relationships

Junbae, the sales and marketing guru, brings his technical expertise and promotional ability after spending three years at a startup operation where he was instrumental in growing a rapidly expanding product portfolio and coordinating logistics for new international distribution lines. Seriously, this guy could sell a ketchup popsicle to a woman in white gloves.

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