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Barrie's Top Picks

Family Tradition

A smooth German Lager. Copper Hued and Exceptionally Attractive.

Tampa Export

A modernly rich German aroma, this Lager will dance elegantly on your tongue.

Big Pluckin’ Pils

A year-round, thirst-quenching brew that is a crisp, German Delicacy.


This hop-forward beer combines the intense aromatics of an American IPA.


This orange and honey mixed beer will offer a beautiful fruity taste.

The Bruce

This moderately strong dark malt will leave a nice and warm flavor in your mouth while also giving off a chocolate lingering after taste.


A Pale Ale with some style. This Barriehaus special is a must-have.

The Dark

Highly roasted and bitter, this dark stout has the body and dark flavors with a bit more umph and class. It's shadowy texture will leave you lager heaven.

Welcome to Barriehaus Beer CO!

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A trip to barriehaus is an experience for the whole family. Enjoy live events, games, and activities for kids and adults alike.


Over a century ago, Louis Schimmel started his own brewery that sparked a family tradition filled with passion and dedication for the art of craft beer. Jim, Brittney, and Junbae plan to continue this incredible story.

Join us for a tour of our 15-barrel brewhaus! View our ingredients, watch the brewing process unfold, and have a personal conversation with the head brewmaster himself, Jim Barrie. 

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