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Welcome to the official menu of Barriehaus Brewery. We understand the need to discover the perfect thirst quencher and that can only be done with a descriptive menu that tells you exactly what you want and when you want it. By clicking on the names of each beer, you will be greeted by one of our Beer Profiles: an extensive report that will tell you everything you need to know about that particular beer.

Brewed and tweaked countless times to achieve a perfectly balanced beer that is approachable yet exquisite.

Abv: 5.8%  |   IBU: 31   |  OG: 14

Beer Type: German Export Lager

A pale, well-balanced, smooth German Lager that is slightly stronger than your average joe, providing you with an aromatic hop and malt character.

Abv: 5.5%  |   IBU: 19   |  OG: 13

Beer Type: German Amber Lager

This crisp, but bitter German Delicacy features a light grainy Pils malt character with a distinctive flowery resemblence. Hence it’s name.

Abv: 4.7%  |   IBU: 37   |  OG: 11.7

Beer Type: German Pilsner

This moderately strong dark malt will leave a nice and warm flavor in your mouth while also giving off a chocolate lingering after taste.

Abv: 8.5%  |   IBU: 33   |  OG: 19.5

Beer Type: Baltic Porter

This hop-forward beer combines the intense aromatics of an American IPA with the crisp drinkability of a German-inspired Lager.

Abv: 7.0%  |   IBU: 70   |  OG: 16

Beer Type: West Coast Lager

Highly roasted and bitter, this dark stout has the body and dark flavors with a bit more umph and class. It’s shadowy texture will leave you lager heaven.

Abv: 5.2%  |   IBU: 15   |  OG: 12.5

Beer Type: Dunkel

One of our sweeter beers, this orange and honey mixed beer will offer a beautiful fruity taste while also soaking your tongue in a rich aroma of warmth

Abv: 4.4%  |   IBU: 14   |  OG: 10.5

Beer Type: Orange Honey Lager

A Pale Ale with some style. This Barriehaus special is a must-have for every Pale Ale lover and will spark your taste buds with a perfect amber taste.

Abv: 5.4%  |   IBU: 35   |  OG: 13

Beer Type: Pale Ale

Derek's Bad Decision
A Pungent Mango Blend

Our first is a harmonious hop blend that produces pungent mango and orange, with a resinous finish. Hop heads have no fear, the malt has been pushed aside on this one.

Abv: 6.2%  |   IBU: 55   |  OG: 13

Beer Type: IPA

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